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Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2016
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Dogtooth Tuna (Hundezahn-Thunfisch)



Zapata's Dogtooth Tuna
This massive dogtooth tuna (Gymnosarda unicolor) is one of two potential All-Tackle world records recently submitted to the IGFA. Angler Leopoldo Tomas Zapata Gazquez of Almeria, Spain caught this enormous 106.2 kg (234 lb 2 oz) doggy while slow trolling a live rainbow runner off Tanzania with IGFA Representative Capt. Jason Alexiou on December 4, 2014. Despite catching the fish more than a year ago, there is no time limit on All-Tackle record claims, as long as all the necessary documentation can be provided. The other pending claim for the All-Tackle dogtooth tuna was caught last November and if approved, will replace this record by about 1 kg (2 lb).
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Samstag, 06. Februar 2016
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Edition November 2015 The independent news from

Dear Readers,

I am still convinced that our complete, precise and up-to-date reference database - open to everyone - is really valuable for sport fishermen and scientists. I want to develop the website towards a fishing trip portal. To create a source of income for local fishermen from catch & release angling tourism and therefore reduce the commercial fishing pressure. But I need your donation of 10 Euro/Dollar now to improve the content, web design and features! Just click the "Donate" button on the website and you are directed to the secure PayPal site. You can donate with credit card or your PayPal account. Thank you very much.


the largest Cyprinus carpio in the world are waiting in Euro-Aqua lake for nutritious boilies  

Again new world record carp from Euro-Aqua at
106 lb

Once again the world record carp has been broken with the capture of a 48 kg (nearly 106 lb) specimen from „Euro Aqua" in Hungary. Czech angler Thomas Krist managed to land a huge mirror carp on 18 may 2015. The lake burst on the carp scene three years ago, when Roman Hanke made an amazing 46 kg plus catch.
The commercially-run 11 hectare lake is a former gravel pit near Lake Balaton. The fishery holds many more giant carp, plus catfish, zander and pike. At the moment the commercial fishing lakes Le Graviers, Abbey Lakes and Rainbow Lake hold carp up to 100 lb, along with Lake Keltcherhoef in Belgium.

More Common and Mirror Carp records



The two pike species normally have a different coloration in comparison to the Northern Pike  

Two new, large pike species in Europe "discovered"

Due to intensive research of scientists in the last years, two new pike species were described. The Southern Pike (Esox cisalpinus) restricted to Italy (potentially present in other European water bodies in the Mediterranean area) in 2011 and the Aquitanian Pike (Esox aquitanicus) native in France, in 2014. Both species reach interesting sizes of around 10 kg and over 100 cm. Unfortunately they hybridize with the Northern Pike (Esox lucius), so stocking programs should be stopped in the native range of this newly discovered species. 

More pike species



Possible new maximum size for the species  

Freshwater Snapper - possible record from Solomon Islands

A specimen around 24 kg (53 lb) was caught by a wellknown Australian angler on an exploratory trip with Solomon Sport Fishing Safaris. This could be a new rod & reel record and also the new maximum size for the Freshwater Snapper orSpot Tail Bass. Length and weight are only estimations as there were no scales or measuring tapes on hand at the time of capture and the fish was released alive.

More about the species



The Barred Sorubim is a "by-catch" while fishing for Spotted Sorubim  

New 32 kg (over 70 lb) Barred Sorubim world record

A 32 kg (over 70 lb) specimen was caught by Pablo di Santi, director of the TV program „Tiempo de Pesca“ in the Rio Parana in Argentina last year. The catch was reported by Argentina Fishing Adventures, the most important foreign tour operator in Argentina. The species should not be confused with the far larger Spotted Sorubim.  

More Barred Sorubim bestmarks  



Giant freshwater eels live also in Bangladesh  

First picture of an Indian Mottled Eel in record-size  

Right after we reported the first rod & reel record last year, we got the picture of a really large specimen from Mr. Hossain, a scientist in Bangladesh. The 175 cm (69 inch) specimen is a commercial catch from the Surma River. The men in the picture hold the giant eel a bit unlucky , so the true size is difficult to see.

More about the Indian Mottled Eel


Tight lines!


Heinz Machacek
chief editor 

Freitag, 05. Februar 2016
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Edition September 2015 The independent news from

Dear Readers,

These are the latest world records and exceptional catches which we brought to light and verified in the last months. Your online donation of 10,- Euro or more guarantees the maintenance of this free high quality knowledge base and newsletter service. Just click on the "Donate" button and you are directed to the secure PayPal site. You can donate with credit card or your PayPal account.


heaviest Arapaima ever caught with rod & reel, well documented and released  

Largest freshwater fish ever caught with fly tackle

On 4 February 2015 angler Richard Hart landed a 190,51 kg (420 lb) Arapaima, also called Pirarucu. This is the new official rod & reel world record and the heaviest freshwater fish ever taken with fly tackle. Hart, accompanied by three native guides, was casting from a 20-foot canoe and needed only 20 minutes to land the fish. Once landed, Hart and the guides worked quickly to safely document the fish. The species is legally protected against hunting and harvesting by the government of Guyana. The giant was caught beyond Corona falls. It was 410 cm in length and 215 cm in girth. We are not sure if the length measurement is correct as it would be one metre longer than the other specimen in this weight class.

More Arapaima (Pirarucu) records



European Chub or not - where is the original photo?  

6 kg (14 lb) plus European Chub - Grass Carp or not?

At the moment this 6,25 kg (nearly 14 lb) European Chub is the rod & reel world record. It was caught in the Danube River in GyÅ‘r-Moson-Sopron county on 16 September 1987. On the picture angler József Pul shows the official hungarian record with a length of 72 cm and a girth of 42 cm. At that time the species was confirmed by an ichthyologist, but there are still doubts. Finally we discovered the photo, but the quality is too bad for the database profile. So we published it in the User Gallery. 

More about the species



Bowfishing is a dubious but professional sport in the USA  

New bowfishing record for Grass Carp- 92 lb

On 18 June 2015 Bryan Hughes set a new bestmark with a 41,73 kg (92 lb) specimen while competing in the 16th Annual Muzzy Bowfishing Classic. The giant was only in 3 feet of water when Hughes first shot it. It had a 99 cm (39 inch) girth. The fish was officially certified by the Bowfishing Association of America as a world record.Lake Guntersville is one of the world’s best largemouth bass lakes and also one of the most productive bowfishing lakes.

More Grass Carp records



There are still at least 30 large catfish species almost unknown in the angling world  

The unknown giant Salween Rita Catfish

Never heard of this species? It lurks around in the Irrawaddy and Salween River systems in Burma and Thailand. It reaches a length of 2 metres. This is equivalent to a weight of around 140 kg (over 300 lb) because of it’ s body shape. In 2014 the first rod caught specimen in decent size of 20,55 kg  (45 lb) was reported by Tim Webb from the well-known Palm Tree Lagoon fishing lake.  

More unknown catfish species over
50 kg (110 lb)



In former centuries Sturgeons over 1.000 kg (2.200 lb) were caught regularly  

Photo of a 2.700 lb Beluga Sturgeon discovered!  

For 20 years we showed a color photo of 800 kg specimen from Iran in the species profile. After a long time of searching we proudly present good quality pictures of two really large specimen with 1.224 kg (2.698 lb) and 1.179 kg (2.600 lb) from the beginning of the 20th century. The 7 metres (23 foot) long commercially caught specimen show the enormous growth potential of this highly endangered species. Before the drastic decrease of the sturgeon population in the Caspian Sea, the Ural River – the only unregulated river in this drainage basin – offered a good chance to catch Belugas of 200 – 400 kg with rod & reel.

More Beluga bestmarks


 Tight lines!


Heinz Machacek
chief editor 


Donnerstag, 04. Februar 2016
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Edition July 2015 The independent news from

Dear Readers,

These are the latest world records and exceptional catches which we brought to light and verified in the last months. Your online donation of 10,- Euro or more guarantees the maintenance of this free high quality knowledge base and newsletter service. Just click on the "Donate" button and you are directed to the secure PayPal site. You can pay with credit card or your PayPal account.


300-350 kg Giant Freshwater Stingray - the largest real freshwater species  

300 kg (660 lb) plus Stingray - largest rod-caught freshwater fish ever

On 6 March 2015 a Giant Freshwater Stingray over 14 ft (427 cm) long and 240 cm wide was caught by several members of the Fishsiam team and filmed for a future episode of Ocean Mysteries on ABC. Dr. Nantarika Chanuse from Chulalongkorn University estimated the weight on 300-350 kg. The fish was a recapture from a previous tagging project with Zeb Hogan from National Geographic which had grown significantly in the last six years.

More about the largest freshwater species



the largest White Catfish ever caught  

Photo evidence of the
10 kg (22 lb) historically
White Catfish record

Finally we got the picture from the world record holder. The legendary catch, confirmed by the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, was made in 1994. The fish is 3 lb (!) heavier than the number 2, the IGFA world record. There are no doubts about the species. It was identified by a biologist in Texas. He said the most reliable identification method is counting the rays on the caudal or anal fin. White Catfish have 22 to 25 rays while Channel Catfish have 25 to 28 and Blue Catfish, 30 to 35. 

More about the catch



100 years ago 80 lb plus Salmon were caught regularly  

Unbelievable 55 kg (121 lb) Chinook Salmon from the
good old times

Do you know „June hogs“? This is an extinct strain of Chinook Salmon from the Columbia River and it’s tributaries (see wikipedia). After a long search we are sure that this is the largest specimen captured in a picture and published.

More Chinook Salmon best marks



the Golden Perch or "Yellowbelly" is a popular sport fish in Australia  

New maximum size for the Australian Golden Perch

We revised the maximum weight and length of this popular sport fish. Specimen Hunter from Australia evaluated the existing information. The legendary record of 24 kg plus seems to be a misidentification. The largest specimen caught with a net had 15 kg and angler occasionally catch fishes between 8 and 10 kg.  

More about the species  



the new rod & reel record for Shortnose Sturgeon  

15 kg (33 lb) Shortnose Sturgeon caught from a Kayak  

Do you believe exotic species were only caught in warm waters? On 26 April 2014 ten kayak and canoe fisherman from „Greater Saint John Kayak Anglers“ Club caught and released 29 specimen of this nearly unknown sturgeon species on one day. The largest fish had 54 inches and was caught near Quispamsis.

More about the catch


 Tight lines!


Heinz Machacek
chief editor 

Donnerstag, 07. Januar 2016
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Pike attacks....



Freitag, 11. Dezember 2015
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Faszination Huchen

Mur, ein Huchen der Richtung Ufer raubt...

Bild: Markus Friedl

Mittwoch, 02. Dezember 2015
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Liebe Anglergemeinschaft und NaturschützerInnen!


·  Wie grün ist Wasserkraft?

Mit diesem Thema befasste sich eine Tagung des „RecFishing“ Forums im Europaparlament

· Sind unsere Flüsse noch zu retten?

Ein Film der Europäischen Anglerallianz


Mehr auf



Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Sonja Behr  <°))))))><

für Fischerei und Gewässerschutz

Dachverband Österreichischer Fischereivereine und Angler

Breitenfurter Strasse 333 - 335
A-1230 Wien
T 0043 (1) 869 53 00
F 0043 (1) 869 53 39


Bürozeiten: Mo - Fr 8.00 - 13.00 Uhr
ZVR 828962779 BD Wien




Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015
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Ein Trip an den großen Fluss Italiens...



Los ging es zwei Tage später als geplant, da das Wasser noch etwas zu trübe war und noch so etliches an Treibgut  angespült wurde. Am Donnerstag den, 24 Sept. war es dann endlich soweit und konnten nach einer gut fünfstündigen, problemlosen Fahrt unser Ziel erreichen. Den üblichen Grempel aufgebaut und dann gings ans Fischen. Nur war es die ersten zwei Tage nicht so einfach, denn es kamen noch geringere Mengen (wie oben beschrieben) an Treibgut. Macht nix..., wir nützten dafür einiges an Zeit um uns den Spot noch genauer mit dem Echo anzuschauen. Vor uns lag eine Rinne in die, die folgenden Tage das Futter abgekippt wurde.



Nach ca. 40 Std. bekam mein Angelpartner Phil den ersten Run, war auch nicht verwunderlich, denn er fischte unterhalb von mir. Aber es sollte noch so weitergehen und er hatte schon 4 Fische bis ich den ersten "Dicken" verhaften konnte. So konnten wir dann in sieben Tagen gemeinsam 18 teils gewaltig schöne Fischerl dem grossem Fluss entlocken. Kann nur jedem empfehlen - der mal an dem Gewässer fischt - sich genügend Futter mitzunehmen, denn wir hätten es bald unterschätzt mit 160 kg. Auch genügend an Blei 170-280 gr., sowie Schnur in der Stärke etwa 0,50 mm.

Alles in allem ein Erlebnis der Extraklasse dass ich sicher wieder wiederholen werde. Mit den Baits natürlich wieder top ausgerüstet  von der Firma "Boilie & More".
Vielen Dank nochmals an Siegi u.Christa!!

Lg. Brugger  Reini


Montag, 19. Oktober 2015
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Liebmannsee / Steiermark


Santner Gerhard aus dem Lungau mit drei kapitale "Rüssler"!


Schuppenkarpfen - 20 kg  |  Spiegelkarpfen - 21 kg
Spiegelkarpfen - 22 kg


Gewässer: Liebmannsee in der Steiermark!


Ein dreifaches "Petri Heil" an Herrn Santner!


Sonntag, 04. Oktober 2015
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Carp Fever


Abendstimmung am Zapresic / Kroatien (45 ha)

Tolle Karpfenfänge werden vom Karpfenfreak Gottfried Granegger aus dem Lungau,
seinem Sohn Gerald und ihrem Angelfreund Santner Christian gemeldet!

Gewässer: Liebmannsee in der Steiermark bzw. Zapresic in Kroatien


Gottfried Granegger - Schuppenkarpfen 19,20 kg - Liebmannsee/StmkSantner Christian - Spiegelkarpfen 28 kg - Liebmannseee/Stmk
Santner Christian - Spiegelkarpfen 28 kg - Liebmannsee/StmkGottfried Granegger - Schuppenkarpfen 19,20 kg - Liebmannsee/Stmk

Schuppenkarpfen 19,20 kg - Granegger Gottfried (Bild: oben links + unten rechts)
Spiegelkarpfen 28,0 kg - Santner Christian (Bild: oben rechts + unten links)


Zapresic in Kroatien
Spiegelkarpfen 22,5 kg - Gottfried Granegger (oben links + mitte rechts)
Schuppenkarpfen 24,5 kg - Gerald Granegger ( Bild: oben rechts + mitte links)
Spiegelkarpfen 25,40 kg - Gerald Granegger (Bild: unten rechts + links)


Ein "Petri Heil" in den Lungau!

"God save the carps!"



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