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Sonntag, 02. April 2017


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Edition April 2017

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Dear Fishingfriends,
these are the latest world records and exceptional catches which we brought to light and verified since our last edition in January. All fish were weighed and/or measured accurately and most of them released alive.



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24 lb plus Florida Gar - the largest rod caught specimen by far

24 lb plus Florida Gar

Rob Chapman with the new rod & reel world record. Courtesy outdoors360.com

On 20 March 2016 Rob Chapman caught the first Florida Gar in the maximum size range. The catch was published with a length of 47 inches (119 cm) and an estimated weight of 30 lb. Because Gars are more slim than Pikes our estimation is 24 lb plus. In August 2016 he caught again a 46 inch specimen which he reported to the IGFA and which was recognized as the new catch & release length record. Rob Chapman is an award-winning marine artist, outdoor columnist and tournament-winning angler. 

Florida Gar record profile




Barbel world record from Switzerland?

23 lb Barbel from Switzerland

Ivan Pereira with the new Swiss record of 10,5 kg (over 23 lb).

This Barbel (Barbus barbus) catch of the century causes headache at our editorial team. Ivan Pereira caught the Barbel with a length of 104 cm (41 inches) in the Sitter River on 30 September 2016. He was not aware that this fish is a possible record. His girlfriend convinced him to report the catch to the "Petri Heil" magazine. The giant was weighed at home on a digital scale and the measurements were confirmed by his girlfriend and a second witness. The problem is, that the only existing photo doesn't allow to verify the size. As this catch would be 1 kg (2 lb) heavier than all the British Barbels, we decided to publish it only in our User Gallery

sportfishing and commercial Barbel records




90 kg Wallago catfishes lurking in
Salween River

A giant Wallago from the Salween

A Wallago with an estimated length of 2 metres and around 90 kg (200 lb).

We discovered a very interesting story of a backpacker who observed catches of catfishes up to 90 kg at the shores of the Salween River and Moei River in the 1960s. We found a photo of a commercially caught giant catfish. The shape of the mouth indicates that it is a Wallago attuand not a Goonch. This would be the largest photographed Wallago by far. The Salween River system is still undiscovered by the international angling tourism.

More Wallago bestmarks





6 kg plus Pejerrey - possible or not?

the actual rod & reel record

Ricardo Mira with the actual rod & reel record of 3,6 kg.

The Pejerrey is the only representative of the family "Silversides" in our world record database (limit 5 kg) and a popular sport fish in Argentina. The regular catches have 20-30 cm and up to 800 grams. Sometimes specimen of 1,5 kg or more are caught. The rod & reel record stands at 3,6 kg (photo above) and the maximum accepted size is 5,2 kg. But we found a report of a 6,35 kg (!) specimen from a fishing lake called "Laguna Esmeralda" in the Melipilla Province in Chile. Maybe this outstanding specimen was 82 cm long, but the weight can't be over 5 kg, otherwise it should have had the body of a carp...

Pejerrey record profile




First world record from Bhutan!

The Kalabans record from Bhutan.

Jeff Currier with the first world record from Bhutan.

Globetrotter Jeff Currier together with his angling buddy Niel Fox made an exploratory trip to the untouched country Bhutan in the Himalayas. They were focussed on fly fishing for Mahseer, but they also caught some "Kalabans" (Bangana dero) as by-catch. The Kalabans is one of the hardest fighting fishes in South Asia. In the last decade the first tourists visited Bhutan, but it is still a blank spot on the map for the sport fishing world. 

more about the Kalabans




Tight lines!

Heinz Machacek
chief editor

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