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Montag, 22. Februar 2016


The independent news from www.fishing-worldrecords.com
Edition February 2016

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Dear Readers,
these are the latest world records and exceptional catches which we brought to light and verified since our last edition in November. All fish were weighed and/or measured accurately and released alive.


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Japanese Lates rod & reel world record

Katsuki Sannomiya the new world record holder. Of course the fish was released alive. 


Shimanto River strikes back – 38 kg Japanese Lates 

On 5th August 2015 a 33.9 kg, 134 cm long Japanese Lates from Urado Bay was reported to the IGFA (meanwhile accepted as an all tackle record). In September the Shimanto River, holder of the old world record, striked back with a 38 kg (84 lb) specimen, accurately weighed and measured. The growth potential of this endemic and endangered species is unclear. A giant with 206 kg and a length of 2.1 metres was reported by fishery officials in 1878…

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New Zealand rod & reel record

The new New Zealand record Rainbow Trout with an enormous girth and nearly 90 cm long.


Maybe the best trout angling day ever - 4 specimen with 130 lb

A sport fisherman from Nelson reported an unbelievable fishing day on the canals near Twizel, South Island, New Zealand in December 2015. He caught and released Brown Trouts of 30 lb plus, around 25 lb and 32 lb. And on the way back to the car he made another stop for some casts and caught a fat Rainbow Trout over 42 lb! He was fishing alone with no net. So he took quick measurements, a few hasty snapshots and quickly weighed it. The angler believed that it was potentially the biggest Brown Trout ever landed, but the photo shows definitely a Rainbow Trout. With four trouts with a total weight of around 59 kg (130 lb) this could be the most successful trout angling day ever.

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Pati rod & reel world record

Paplo di Santi with his second rod & reel world record within two years.


The bulky Pati from Rio Parana

Pablo di Santi did it again. After his Barred Sorubim world record in 2014 he set a second best mark with a 32 kg (70 lb) Pati in 2015. The Pati (Luciopimelodus pati) is a large, bulky catfish species that grows to 50 kg. In the past it was heavily fished commercially, but now that this has diminished large specimens are caught again by anglers. This species can be captured throughout the year. 

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possible rod & reel record

The potential world record Lake Sturgeon was too long to lift and weigh it.


Potential Lake Sturgeon rod & reel record

Thirteen-year-old David Jacobson maybe caught a potential Lake Sturgeon world record. The 86 inch fish is only 1 inch shorter than the longest ever caught with rod & reel, The specimen had likely but not certain over 90 kg (200 lb) and no girth measurements were taken, therefore we can’t update the 42 years old weight record. It was released alive on 12 September 2015.

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Porcubine River Stingray record

The first documented best mark for the Porcubine River Stingray.


5 new, large S. A. freshwater stingrays incorporated

Part One (Amazon River Basin) of the definitive guide to the Freshwater Stingrays of South America was published recently. With this reference we could add 5 (!) species over 5 kg (11 lb) in our database. In addition we proudly present the first rod & reel record for the Porcubine River Stingray with a weight of 7 kg, caught near Bella Vista by Mark Jones, owner of Argentina Fishing Adventures in February 2015. 

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Tight lines!


Heinz Machacek
chief editor

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