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Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2019

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Edition December 2019

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Dear Fishingfriends,
these are the latest world records and extraordinary catches which we brought to light and verified since our last edition in September 2019. We continue our project of maintaining a free world record database of the 500 largest freshwater species. All species with a maximum weight of at least 5 kg/11 lb plus all european species with at least 1 kg/2,2 lb.


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New rod & reel world record for Black Carp?

unconfirmed Black Carp world record

Richard Johnson from Prologic with a 174 cm (69 inches) Black Carp.

On 30th July 2019 Richard Johnson, product manager at Prologic was field-testing some of the new products in a lake in China. The lake is contacted to a tidal river system and offers good chances to catch a giant Black Carp. Beside another brace of 130 to 140 cm specimen he caught a possible new rod & reel world record with a length of 174 cm. The director of the local museum at the lake measured the fish and estimated the weight around 85 kg (187 lb), because the scale ends at 70 kg. China as the country of origin for this species still offers the best opportunities to catch a new record. Specimen up to 72,5 kg and 180 cm where caught by sportfishermen.

Verified Black Carp records

Striped Pikecarp record from Laos

Striped Pikecarp rod & reel record

Justin Kuek with the new rod & reel bestmark.

Justin Kuek caught the new rod & reel record for the endemic Striped Pikecarp on a jungle fishing trip in Laos. No measurements were taken, but the photo shows a specimen far larger than any other rod catch. We estimate the weight around 20 kg (44 lb) and the length around 120 cm (47 inches). Although he wants to keep the water a secret it must be the Nam Ngum or the Nam Theun River, as the distribution of this species is restricted to these waters in the country. The Striped Pikecarp is one of the largest freshwater species in the world with weights up to 70 kg, maybe 100 kg. During the dry season from January to February the species migrates to it's spawning grounds. These routes are interrupted by dams e.g. the Nakai dam at the Nam Theun. The species is considered endangered as all large migrating fishes.

Striped Pikecarp records

Unidentified Pangasiusgiants from Indonesia and Malaysia

150 kg Pangasius from Malaysia

150 kg Pangasius sp. from the Lubok Jong River in Malaysia.

We are a little bit confused about more and more published Pangasius spp. catfish giants from Indonesia and Malaysia. In September 2018 a 150 kg (330 lb) "Ikan Patin Buah" was caught from the Lubok Jong River in Malaysia and a second fish, called "Patin Kualo" with 80 kg (176 lb) was caught with handline in the Kampar River in Indonesia in 2019. But according to the scientific world the large Pangasius species (Pangasianodon gigas andPangasius sanitwongsei) don't live in these countries and Pangasius nasutus has another head shape.

Pangasius species in Malaysia

92 cm Altai Osman record from Mongolia


Altai Osman rod & reel record

The rod & reel world record for Altai Osman.

Finally we got the photo evidence of the largest Altai Osman, Oreoleuciscus potanini caught by sport fishermen from Corcon Craft Tours. In 2011 a guest caught this beautiful predatory cyprinid fish with a length of 92 cm (36 inches) and an estimated weight of 10 kg (22 lb) in Khoton Lake in Mongolia. The best places to catch this species are the lakes in the Altai Mountains.

Altai Osman record profile

The unknown Twisted-Jaw Sheatfish

Twisted-Jaw Sheatfish

A commercially caught Twisted-Jaw Sheatfish with over 20 kg.

Belodontichthys dinemaoccurs in medium to large-sized rivers in South East Asia. This species feeds on smaller fish near the water surface and is an excellent game fish for local spin fishing anglers. It is also an important food fish, marketed fresh, dried or salted.  The fish on the photo was caught in the Pahang River in Malaysia with an estimated weight of over 20 kg (44 lb) and a length of over 120 cm (47 inches). But we found also reports of commercial catches up to 40 kg.

Twisted-Jaw Sheatfish record profile

Tight lines!

Heinz Machacek
chief editor


Your donation helps us to run this time and cost intensive website - and provide you with the high quality content you'd expect from us!

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