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Freitag, 06. September 2019
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Holy smokes!!


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Bluntausee - Tennengau, Salzburgerland


Dienstag, 03. September 2019
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Edition September 2019

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Dear Fishingfriends,
these are the latest world records and extraordinary catches which we brought to light and verified since our last edition in April 2017. After a break of two years we decided to continue the project of maintaining a free world record database of the 500 largest freshwater species. All species with a maximum weight of at least 5 kg/11 lb plus all european species with at least 1 kg/2,2 lb.

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The longest verified Muskie with photo proof

Keith Wiggins-Kegg with a 61,5 inches long Muskellunge.

While engaged in spring electrofishing activities for walleye, Mille Lacs Band DNR Aquaculture Biologist Keith Wiggins-Kegg and an electroshocking team found a giant muskie was also within the shockwaves. Wiggins-Kegg saw the giant fish surface, and he and the team immediately boated the fish. A length measurement was taken and they quickly snapped a couple of photos before releasing the muskie, watching as it swam away safely. The muskie measured 61,5 inches (156 cm). “We didn’t have a large enough scale on board to weigh that big of a fish,” said Carl Klimah, Mille Lacs Band DNR fisheries manager. “A fish like this can weigh between 55 and 75 pounds, but we will never know for sure. 

Verified Muskie records

Three world records from Spain?

A rod caught Comizo Barbel with an alleged weight of 18,7 kg (41 lb 4 oz).

Spanish fishing guide David Aldana twittered three possible world records in the last years. He landed an Iberian (Comizo) Barbel that took the scales round to 41 lb! Further he landed a world record Common (scaled) Carp in Mequinenza Reservoir with 46.88 kg (over 103 lb) - this would be a world record for public waters. And a Smallhead Barbel with 14,2 kg – larger than the maximum accepted size. That’s not all. He twittered a lot more exceptional catches in 2015 and 2016: A 6,4 kg Tench from the public water Horno Tejero, a Comizo Barbel with 115 cm and another specimen with 19,5 kg! But we have only his Tweets and photos which don’t allow a verification.

Iberian Barbel official records

New destination for globetrotters: Bolivia

A  Jau with an estimated weight of 170 lb - well above the world record.

In September 2017 a giant Amazon catfish far over the IGFA world record has been landed during an exploratory trip to Bolivia with adventure holiday operator
The ‘Jau’ catfish was estimated by experienced Amazon guide Steve Townson at around 170lb after it was landed by one of his guests on a trip to virgin waters that had never been fished with rod and line before. Bolivia is an incredible destination offered by no-one else. The guests had a phantastic time, with loads of big catfish and arapaima, many huge fish lost too. Trips are organised from July to November.

Jau Catfish record profile

10 kg plus Asp from Italy

The largest Asp in history with photo evidence.

Italian angler Giovanni Stanzione caught this 10,34 kg (22 lb 13 oz) Asp while spin fishing in Lake Mantua on 12th April 2018. The specimen is only 200 grams away from the officlal sportfishing record from Hungary. The Asp is an introduced species in northern Italy. Since the mid-1990s more and more record specimen were caught by angler. Mantua is surrounded on three sides by artificial lakes, created during the 12th century as the city's defence system. These lakes receive water from the Mincio River, a tributary of the Po River which descends from Lake Garda. Unfortunately we don't know which of these three lakes produced the giant. 

Asp record profile

New best marks for unknown Asian catfish giants

A Salween Catfish or Irrawaddy Mystus with nearly 39 kg (85 lb).

At the moment we count 31 best marks from the Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park. Either the record fish were caught with rod & reel in the small lake or transfered from Khao Laem Reservoir or Mae Klong River to this fishery. Of course the IGFA doesn't accept further records from fishing parks since January 2014. But our mission is to publish the biggest photographed specimen of each species - no mather which catching method, no mather which kind of water. So we updated the profiles e.g. for Salween Catfish, Salween Rita or we added new 5 kg plus-species like the Kissing Prochilodus.

Most famous fishing lakes in Thailand

Tight lines!

Heinz Machacek
chief editor


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