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Donnerstag, 08. Dezember 2016


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Edition October 2016

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Dear Fishingfriends,
these are the latest world records and exceptional catches which we brought to light and verified since our last edition in February. All fish were weighed and/or measured accurately and most of them released alive.

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The first Spotted Bass over 11 lb

Spotted Bass rod & reel world record

Bullards Bar Reservoir produces the first Spotted Bass specimen over 11 lb.

Within two years five potential all tackle world records were caught in California. On 29 November 2015 Paul Bailey caught the new best mark. He and fellow angler Matt Newman were unable to get a state biologist to officially weigh and certify the record fish. But they document the catch on film and photos, including weighing it on three seperate digital scales(11-7, 11-5, 11-4 lb) with witnesses. That's proof enough for us. We incorporate the species in our record database as it surpasses the weight limit of 11 lb (5 kg).

new Spotted Bass best marks


Giant Sheefish from Siberia - 60 lb

maybe the new rod & reel record

Maybe the largest Sheefish caught with rod & reel ever.

Based on the latest scientific work according to FISHBASE, we had to split the Stenodus leucichthys in two different species: The Stenodus nelma(Sheefish, Inconnu) distributed from Alaska to Siberia and the Stenodus leucichthys(Beloribitsa) from the Ural and Volga River. During this research we discovered a new possible rod & reel record with 27 kg (over 59 lb). This is the largest photographed Whitefish but far below the commercial record of nearly 109 lb!

more Sheefish records


New Sacramento Pikeminnow record with 6,27 kg

The Sacramento Pikeminnow or Squawfish

The second largest rod caught specimen from Pardee Reservoir.

In 2015 a specimen with 11 lb was caught in the Bullards Bar Reservoir, the same water where the Spotted Bass world record comes from. The catch was reported to the IGFA and recognized as the "official" all tackle record. But we intensify our research and found the real new best mark of 6,27 kg caught on 14 February 2014 and the photo of a 5,92 kg fish. Three large and unregarded species of Pikeminnow, formerly called "Squawfish" live in the United States.

the Sacramento Pikeminnow record data


8 kg Sterlet from the Hungarian Danube

the Sterlet an endangered species

The second largest Sterlet caught with rod & reel ever.

In October 2002 Gábor Burián-Kozma caught the Hungarian record and second largest rod-caught specimen ever. This rare creature was caught in the Baja Section of the Danube River and released alive. This is a good example of our time-consuming research, as it took 14 years till we got high quality, full body photos of the fish.

more Sterlet bestmarks


The largest catfishes of Australia

Lake Argyle aerial view

Lake Argyle is recognised as an important wetland area under the Ramsar Convention.

The Silver Cobbler, Arius Midgelei, one of the salmon catfishes of this continent grows far larger than stated in older literature. These large catfish are one of the best eating freshwater fish in Australia and caught commercially in Lake Argyle. Specimen of almost 1.5 metres length and up to 40 kg (88 lb) weight are lurking in this vast reservoir. Lake Argyle is Western Australia's largest and Australia's second largest freshwater man-made reservoir by volume. Unfortunately it seems that no photo of a really large specimen over 1 metres exists. 

Silver Cobbler records

Tight lines!

Heinz Machacek
chief editor