Dogtooth Tuna (Hundezahn-Thunfisch)
Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2016



Zapata's Dogtooth Tuna
This massive dogtooth tuna (Gymnosarda unicolor) is one of two potential All-Tackle world records recently submitted to the IGFA. Angler Leopoldo Tomas Zapata Gazquez of Almeria, Spain caught this enormous 106.2 kg (234 lb 2 oz) doggy while slow trolling a live rainbow runner off Tanzania with IGFA Representative Capt. Jason Alexiou on December 4, 2014. Despite catching the fish more than a year ago, there is no time limit on All-Tackle record claims, as long as all the necessary documentation can be provided. The other pending claim for the All-Tackle dogtooth tuna was caught last November and if approved, will replace this record by about 1 kg (2 lb).
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