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300-350 kg Giant Freshwater Stingray - the largest real freshwater species  

300 kg (660 lb) plus Stingray - largest rod-caught freshwater fish ever

On 6 March 2015 a Giant Freshwater Stingray over 14 ft (427 cm) long and 240 cm wide was caught by several members of the Fishsiam team and filmed for a future episode of Ocean Mysteries on ABC. Dr. Nantarika Chanuse from Chulalongkorn University estimated the weight on 300-350 kg. The fish was a recapture from a previous tagging project with Zeb Hogan from National Geographic which had grown significantly in the last six years.

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the largest White Catfish ever caught  

Photo evidence of the
10 kg (22 lb) historically
White Catfish record

Finally we got the picture from the world record holder. The legendary catch, confirmed by the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, was made in 1994. The fish is 3 lb (!) heavier than the number 2, the IGFA world record. There are no doubts about the species. It was identified by a biologist in Texas. He said the most reliable identification method is counting the rays on the caudal or anal fin. White Catfish have 22 to 25 rays while Channel Catfish have 25 to 28 and Blue Catfish, 30 to 35. 

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100 years ago 80 lb plus Salmon were caught regularly  

Unbelievable 55 kg (121 lb) Chinook Salmon from the
good old times

Do you know „June hogs“? This is an extinct strain of Chinook Salmon from the Columbia River and it’s tributaries (see wikipedia). After a long search we are sure that this is the largest specimen captured in a picture and published.

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the Golden Perch or "Yellowbelly" is a popular sport fish in Australia  

New maximum size for the Australian Golden Perch

We revised the maximum weight and length of this popular sport fish. Specimen Hunter from Australia evaluated the existing information. The legendary record of 24 kg plus seems to be a misidentification. The largest specimen caught with a net had 15 kg and angler occasionally catch fishes between 8 and 10 kg.  

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the new rod & reel record for Shortnose Sturgeon  

15 kg (33 lb) Shortnose Sturgeon caught from a Kayak  

Do you believe exotic species were only caught in warm waters? On 26 April 2014 ten kayak and canoe fisherman from „Greater Saint John Kayak Anglers“ Club caught and released 29 specimen of this nearly unknown sturgeon species on one day. The largest fish had 54 inches and was caught near Quispamsis.

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