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heaviest Arapaima ever caught with rod & reel, well documented and released  

Largest freshwater fish ever caught with fly tackle

On 4 February 2015 angler Richard Hart landed a 190,51 kg (420 lb) Arapaima, also called Pirarucu. This is the new official rod & reel world record and the heaviest freshwater fish ever taken with fly tackle. Hart, accompanied by three native guides, was casting from a 20-foot canoe and needed only 20 minutes to land the fish. Once landed, Hart and the guides worked quickly to safely document the fish. The species is legally protected against hunting and harvesting by the government of Guyana. The giant was caught beyond Corona falls. It was 410 cm in length and 215 cm in girth. We are not sure if the length measurement is correct as it would be one metre longer than the other specimen in this weight class.

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European Chub or not - where is the original photo?  

6 kg (14 lb) plus European Chub - Grass Carp or not?

At the moment this 6,25 kg (nearly 14 lb) European Chub is the rod & reel world record. It was caught in the Danube River in GyÅ‘r-Moson-Sopron county on 16 September 1987. On the picture angler József Pul shows the official hungarian record with a length of 72 cm and a girth of 42 cm. At that time the species was confirmed by an ichthyologist, but there are still doubts. Finally we discovered the photo, but the quality is too bad for the database profile. So we published it in the User Gallery. 

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Bowfishing is a dubious but professional sport in the USA  

New bowfishing record for Grass Carp- 92 lb

On 18 June 2015 Bryan Hughes set a new bestmark with a 41,73 kg (92 lb) specimen while competing in the 16th Annual Muzzy Bowfishing Classic. The giant was only in 3 feet of water when Hughes first shot it. It had a 99 cm (39 inch) girth. The fish was officially certified by the Bowfishing Association of America as a world record.Lake Guntersville is one of the world’s best largemouth bass lakes and also one of the most productive bowfishing lakes.

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There are still at least 30 large catfish species almost unknown in the angling world  

The unknown giant Salween Rita Catfish

Never heard of this species? It lurks around in the Irrawaddy and Salween River systems in Burma and Thailand. It reaches a length of 2 metres. This is equivalent to a weight of around 140 kg (over 300 lb) because of it’ s body shape. In 2014 the first rod caught specimen in decent size of 20,55 kg  (45 lb) was reported by Tim Webb from the well-known Palm Tree Lagoon fishing lake.  

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50 kg (110 lb)



In former centuries Sturgeons over 1.000 kg (2.200 lb) were caught regularly  

Photo of a 2.700 lb Beluga Sturgeon discovered!  

For 20 years we showed a color photo of 800 kg specimen from Iran in the species profile. After a long time of searching we proudly present good quality pictures of two really large specimen with 1.224 kg (2.698 lb) and 1.179 kg (2.600 lb) from the beginning of the 20th century. The 7 metres (23 foot) long commercially caught specimen show the enormous growth potential of this highly endangered species. Before the drastic decrease of the sturgeon population in the Caspian Sea, the Ural River – the only unregulated river in this drainage basin – offered a good chance to catch Belugas of 200 – 400 kg with rod & reel.

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